Regarding laser eye surgery …

I want to see well. Its something that I never really spend time thinking about, but I suppose its been in the back of my mind for a while. Who wouldn’t want to be able to throw out the glasses and the contacts in favor of perfect, natural vision?

I have been thinking about getting laser eye surgery for a year or so now, but was afraid of the surgery, or have long lasting damage to my eyes. But I am going to go ahead and try it.

My decision was easier to make, since much of the surgery done now is with bladeless technology, meaning they don’t have to cut into your eye to change your vision. That was key.

One of my thoughts in favor was that it would help my journalism career, not so much in getting jobs, but in not having to worry about glasses falling off or contacts slipping at key moments. Just crisp vision.

Is anyone else thinking the same thoughts?