Adding the Facebook “Like” Button: Why not?

Even though I don’t update this blog every day, it gives me a nice, warm feeling when someone uses social networking tools to broadcast a post they find interesting. There is nothing like referrals to let you know that people enjoy your writing and find it interesting enough to share with friends.

I added social networking sharing tools to my site a while ago, but until today, had not added the Facebook “like” button. Not out of any specific animus, but because I hadn’t gotten around to it. But after seeing several articles about blog traffic and noting how my friends had begun to rely on the tool, I used a plugin to add it to my site. It took less than two minutes, and I was able to join in on the fun.

Facebook “Like” button links.

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WebMonkey on how easy it is

But its not all good press, as PCWorld has an article about what’s to hate about the button …