Next Poynter column review; and in case you missed it

In case you missed my first article for the Poynter Institute, fear not, for I have posted the link below. Just click on it to read about the similarities of problems facing the journalism industry and adult entertainment.

Now for the preview … (after the jump).

The future of mobile is not so futuristic. According to the Pew Research Center State of the News Media, 26 percent of adults – 33 percent of cell phone users – access news from their mobile phones.

While the total amount of mobile ad revenue might still be small, perhaps $593 million in 2010 according to eMarketer, that number has seen rapid and repeated gains over the last few years as smart phones become more affordable and accessible.

All of this has shown news organizations that any business strategy must mention mobile, whether that mention is an enthusiastic endorsement or a reluctant sigh. The stage is set.

Enter Asia Nettles.

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