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You may have stumbled upon this site through Google, or by clicking the link on my resume. Either way, feel free to click on some examples of my work. They range from in-depth features to multimedia packages and cover a wide range of topics. Feel free to contact me by email or on Twitter and let me know what you think.

Way ahead of the curve on this one. I used the Federal Procurement Data System to tease out the overall federal spending on contracts for fiscal 2015. Weeks ahead of anyone else (I am looking at you Bloomberg).

 Defense Department spending drops $24 billion in 2014

An article commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by interviewing people who were there.

20 years after Oklahoma City bombing, scars remain

An exhaustive look at Defense Department and other federal agency efforts to adapt to climate change and plan for increases risks of flooding, drought, heat and disease.

Climate change poses rising threat.

This story was built from the raw data from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey by OPM and used 680,000 responses to help gain insight into how federal employees feel about their managers.

Feds rank worst, best bosses

Written for Poynter:

Let’s role-play for a second.

Imagine you are working in an industry that has been battered by the recent recession and rapid advances in technology. Instead of paying for teams of professionals, people are going online to find new content like yours or create their own. The Internet has opened the door to thousands of competitors, all offering content that appeals to just about any niche or taste.

Strange Bedfellows: What Journalism Can Learn From Adult Entertainment